[Xprint] Re: [STSF-devel] My STSF wishlist...

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sat Jan 10 18:15:26 EST 2004

Alexander Gelfenbain wrote:
>>I guess this means the Xserver only has one connection to the
>>stfontserver, right ? Will the whole Xserver "block" while the
>>stfontserver is being accessed or only the requesting client ?
> This question is better answered by our X11 gurus.

I think it has no choice but to block the entire Xserver, since the
Xserver is neither multi-threaded, nor is there an asynchronous STSF API.
(And no, making the Xserver multi-threaded is not a simple solution to
  this problem as it would require many engineering-years of work to do
  properly, and cause compatibility issues for all servers with loadable
  extension or DDX modules, such as Xsun & XFree86.)

>>Main support for the printer-internal fonts sits in the single Xprint
>>DDX implementations. The only problem which may affect the STSF client
>>side are font queries where the results may change after a print context
>>has been set via |XpSetContext()| ...
>>... the biggest problem I am currently worrying about is how I can
>>implement support for rendering fonts with an alpha channel in the
>>PostScript DDX... any ideas ?
> Jay, Alan, any comments on that?

I have none - Jay has done far more work on Xprint DDX'es than I have.

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