[Xprint] How to disable Xprint for Firebird on Solaris

Jim Lane jimlane at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Jan 26 14:39:54 EST 2004

Thomas: do I understand you to say that this is something that can't be 
configured at runtime? If so, is there any chance of finding a build with the 
options I'm looking for? I spent a few hours this morning wrestling with the 
source and getting bogged down with endless library errors, GTK, libIDL, 
liberty (never did figure out what that is), etc, etc. There has to be an 
easier way.

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> Jim Lane wrote:
> | I've installed a binary build of Firebird 0.7 on Solaris and I can't
> print
> | from it because it insists on using Xprint which isn't installed. Is
> there not
> | some way to tell Firebird not to use Xprint? I've had a look at the
> unix.js
> | file under defaults but I can't see anything that looks like it'll do
> the job.
> | I know I could recompile Firebird from source specifying
> - --disable-xprint, but
> | there's got to be an easier way. Doesn't there?
> No. The problem isn't that xprint is there, but that the older PostScrip
> drive isn't. You need a build that has --enable-postscript (or doesn't
> have --disable-postscript) in the config.
> Since Roland is doing most of the Solaris/Sparc builds and is the main
> developer of Xprint, his builds will be xprint _ONLY_.
> 	-Thomas
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