[Xprint] How to disable Xprint for Firebird on Solaris

Thomas Dodd ted at cypress.com
Mon Jan 26 13:55:48 EST 2004

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Jim Lane wrote:
| Thomas: do I understand you to say that this is something that can't be
| configured at runtime? If so, is there any chance of finding a build
with the

Yes and no. At runtime, you can get postscript if XPSERVERLIST is
undefined, but only if the postscript drive was built.

As I said, Roland isn't going to supply a build with the4 postscript
driver. He's been asked many times.

Someone was providing Mozilla nightly builds, that I think had the
postscript driver. I don't remember ever seeing *bird builds other than

| options I'm looking for? I spent a few hours this morning wrestling
with the
| source and getting bogged down with endless library errors, GTK, libIDL,
| liberty (never did figure out what that is), etc, etc. There has to be an

libiberty is part of the GNU toolchain (like binutils).

| easier way.

Convinbce somone with a working build environment to build with the
postscript driver. Good luck. I haven't been able to build mozilla/*bird
on Solaris for some time now. I gave in and started using Xprint.

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