[Xprint] How to disable Xprint for Firebird on Solaris

Jim Lane jimlane at cs.toronto.edu
Tue Jan 27 09:07:42 EST 2004

Allen: OK, I'm confused. Are you saying that Xprt, as supplied by SUN, is 
compatible with, or the same as, Xprint at http://xprint.mozdev.org/ ??
If so, would Xprt/Xprint be compatible with CUPS, the spooler than I'm going 
to be going to?
All I want to do is print from Firebird on Solaris without tying my system 
into knots while I'm at it.
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> Xprt is included on Solaris 7 11/99 and later unless you removed it.
> It doesn't get automatically started, but you should be able to manually
> start it or I believe the xprint.mozdev.org web page provides a script
> for automatic starting.
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