[Xprint] How to disable Xprint for Firebird on Solaris

Thomas Dodd ted at cypress.com
Tue Jan 27 08:36:17 EST 2004

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Jim Lane wrote:
| Allen: OK, I'm confused. Are you saying that Xprt, as supplied by SUN, is
| compatible with, or the same as, Xprint at http://xprint.mozdev.org/ ??
| If so, would Xprt/Xprint be compatible with CUPS, the spooler than I'm
| to be going to?

Xprt is the name of the Xprint server, like Xsun is the X11 server for
sun video. Xprt is part of X11R6. The version from xprint.mozdev.org has
been improved, adding better fornt supportr for example.

The version Sun shipped has some problems, so get the build from Roland.
The tar.gz version, will install anywhere (the GISW* version use pkgadd
~ and therefore need root premission to install).

It works fine with CUPS, or any other spooler. Xprint is similar to the
Windoze print system. Standard X drawing commands are used to draw on a
special display, that is interfaced to the printer. In theory the app
doesn't really need to know about printing or PostScript, it just
continues to do X drawing.

CUP (or lp or lpr) then takes the postscript generated by the Xprt
server and prints it like any other file. Xprt does a good job of
detecting the spooler you are using and detecting the printers you have.
If you want more detailed control, you can edit the per-printer or
per-driver config files, but it's not required.

So you should be able to run Xprt (either Sun's in /usr/openwin/bin or
Roland's), set XPSERVERLIST, and start mozilla. I'd run xplsprinters
before mozilla to see if the printers/server configured OK. Roland's
xprint script adds the fonts on you system to match X11, and makes
setting options easier.

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