[Xprint] Re: Hang with "-XpSpoolerType cups"

Philip Webley philip.webley at gmx.at
Wed Jun 9 01:47:10 EDT 2004

avorop at mail.ru wrote:
 > Another question is definetely about xprint. When experimenting, I
 > decided to try option -XpSpoolerType cups. This resulted in deadlocking
 > of the clients. Even xphelloworld was deadlocked. The printing was done,
 > but I guess the socket was not closed after it, so the client was
 > sitting there till the server was terminated. I do have CUPS running so
 > I find this behaviour kind of strange. As far as I understand the
 > default value for this option is 'bsd:cups'

I had the same sort of trouble but was able to fix it by specifying

*xp-spooler-command: /usr/bin/lp -s

in /etc/Xprint/C/print/attributes/printer

This suppresses console output from lp, so it looks like the output 
(printjob ID) from lp is confusing Xprt somehow.

My setup:

Debian sarge, kernel 2.4.25 on a k7
mozilla-browser 1.6-5
cupsys-client 1.1.20
xprt-xprintorg 0.0.9

The printer is a HP5550 on another machine running the CUPS server.

Hope this helps
Phil Webley

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