[Xprint] Changing the default resolution from 300dpi to 600dp i in release 009.001 ?

Jan Willem Stumpel jstumpel at planet.nl
Sun Jun 20 18:30:49 EDT 2004

Parsons, Drew wrote:

> I'm sorry about Jan's trouble with the Debian home page.  I don't get
> the same problem.

I found that on my system the problem depends on whether the font
preferences in Mozilla have been *changed*. If they remain untouched, 
the bug does not occur. But just looking at the preferences - appearance 
- fonts menu (and then closing it) provokes the bug on my system. This 
introduces font-related user_prefs in mozilla/default/blabla/prefs.js 
(in a 'virgin' Mozilla there are no font-related user_prefs in the file).

By removing those prefs I can get "number printing" back.

Not all font-related user_prefs produce the problem. Especially
pernicious is

user_pref("font.name.serif.x-western", "serif");

If the font prefs have only been slightly changed, removing only this 
one from prefs.js is enough to get normal behaviour back.

I wonder if others can reproduce this. www.debian.org is a good place to 
test this. Not all html pages produce the bug; I have a good idea by now 
of which pages do and which don't.

Regards, Jan

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