[Xprint] Xprint 009.001 test canidate builds...

Aleksander Adamowski aleksander.adamowski.xprint at altkom.pl
Mon Jun 28 12:01:09 EDT 2004

roland.mainz at nrubsig.org wrote:

>Roland Mainz wrote:
>>I hacked-up some test builds for the upcoming 009.001 maintaince release
>>(and for the LinuxTag :)
I have suggestion for one extremely important improvement:
make error messages going to logs more descriptive!

I've installed the latest xprint test build, as well as earlier release 
009, both on Mandrake Linux and on Fedora Core. I weren't able to print 
on both of them.

On Fedora Core, I get the following error:

Jun 25 17:33:01 fedorabox Xprt_33: lpstat: Unable to connect to server: 
Connection refused

On Mandrake Linux, I get the following error:

Jun 25 17:18:43 mandrakebox Xprt_33: lpr: unable to create temporary file.
Jun 25 17:18:43 mandrakebox Xprt_33: AUDIT: Fri Jun 25 17:18:43 2004: 
29170 Xprt: client 1 disconnected

On both machines I can print without any problem from KDE and Gnome 
applications using their specific print systems.

Unfortunately I have no time to debug this further. Of course I could 
strace the Xprt process to see which specific file it tries to create, 
or to which specific server it tries to connect. But this would take 
time I do not have at my disposal.

In my opinion each log message should specify precisely on which object 
a particular action fails: which file cannot be read, which server 
cannot be contacted, what directory doesn't exist...

A log message should at least look like "Cannot ACTION on OBJECT", where 
the OBJECT is specified in detail, so there's no ambiguity.

So I propose that all messages in XPrint that go to syslog are made more 
descriptive - this change would make the work of all testers much easier 
and provide for better acceptance of XPrint in variuos distributions.

I guess that XPrint isn't shipped with major Linux distributions yet 
mainly because it fails to work fine out of the box (RPM package, 
actually) and the error messages don't give a clue why.

Best Regards,
    Aleksander Adamowski
        GG#: 274614
        ICQ UIN: 19780575 

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