[Xprint] more Augment_Printer_List problems

Rudolf Kollien Rudolf.Kollien at medas.de
Wed Aug 31 13:05:12 EDT 2005


i run into the same problem. After 3h of writing an augment script, which only 
returns the user-relevant printers from the more than 200 printers on our 
server, i now no more able to print from Firefox. 

I cannot imagine that no Xprint-user ever used the augment configuration 
option? Why this bug still exists, when this error already was reported in 
March 2004???

Is there any config option to specify a "special" spool comand?

Any hints to solve the problem are welcome.


Using SuSE RPMs, xprint-20040707release-0.9.001

On Tue Aug 9 17:23:50 EDT 2005 Toby Blake wrote:

> In my previous emails I mentioned a couple of problems with using
> Augment_Printer_List with Xprt, in summary:
> (1) Augment_Printer_List cannot contain '|', despite the examples in
>      the Xprinters file.
> (2) The printer list given to Augment_Printer_List becomes reversed,
>      in e.g. Firefox
> I've also just noticed another problem with using
> Augment_Printer_List, specifically that any argument given to it seems
> to stop Xprt from detecting the spooler and thus it gives this error:
> XpSubmitJob: No default spool command defined.
> Fatal server error:
> unable to exec ''
> I note that this was reported in March 2004:
> http://xprint.mozdev.org/pipermail/xprint/2004-March/000182.html
> ... but the patch here doesn't seem to work.
> Can anyone advise on configuring Xprint using Augment_Printer_List?
> The behaviour does seem a little buggy?  Should I report these bugs?
> Can I get more logging information out of Xprt (e.g. when it's
> compiling its printer list) so I can debug this myself?
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