[Xprint] Problem Printing Greek

sopho metsis sophom at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 17:11:36 EST 2005

This weekend I hooked up a real printer and web pages with Greek print
flawlessly using xprint. There certainly is a difference when using the pdf
drivers or a real printer. One thing I did notice was that the printouts
from xprint use a different font than mozilla uses on the screen. I use a
sans-serif font on the screen and xprint uses a serif font when it prints.
Other than that the printing is excellent.

Thanks for the help,


On 12/15/05, Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel at planet.nl> wrote:
> Sophocles Metsis wrote:
> > I certainly  can although I can see why you think it's not working.
> > It looks like mozilla would print if I didn't have xprint. The xprint
> > pdf printer at :33  is what I print to. The pdf I put up was from
> > /tmp/Xprintjobs. I also noticed that the pdfs produced with the
> > missing greek are fairly smaller than the ones I tried with english.
> Ah, yes, I should have looked at your pdf more closely. It has 3 pages,
> and it does show some Greek (but only sporadically). xprint is working
> on your system, obviously.
> > Could there be a  problem with the pdf/ps printers in xprint? Should
> > attempt to get a real printer to print to or is printing to pdf/ps
> > just as good as a printer for everyone?
> xprint is unfortunately full of bugs. At the moment printing to "ps"
> files is out of the question, see e.g.
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4307
> or
> http://xprint.mozdev.org/pipermail/xprint/2005-September/000507.html
> So now it seems that generating "pdf" files also does not work OK (at
> least for some non-Latin html pages). I could reproduce your bug by
> printing to a pdf from http://www.enet.gr/online/online. BTW in my case
> the pdf's do not go to /tmp/Xprintjobs but to ~/Xprintjobs.
> On the other hand printing on paper, using a real printer, still works
> mostly OK. In my case, the header of the enet.gr page is printed on a
> separate sheet of paper, but maybe this is somehow by design -- the
> "print preview" does the same thing. But printing to file, whether ps or
> pdf, does not work properly. I do not know why. Maybe xprint bends the
> rules of PostScript in some way.
> The author of xprint, alas, has not responded to anything on this list
> since April. And it seems that nobody else understands xprint well
> enough to fix its bugs.
> Regards, Jan
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