[Xprint] Problem Printing Greek

Jan Willem Stumpel jstumpel at planet.nl
Tue Dec 20 10:33:47 EST 2005

sopho metsis wrote:
> Hello,
> This weekend I hooked up a real printer and web pages with Greek print 
> flawlessly using xprint. There certainly is a difference when using the 
> pdf drivers or a real printer. One thing I did notice was that the 
> printouts from xprint use a different font than mozilla uses on the 
> screen. I use a sans-serif font on the screen and xprint uses a serif 
> font when it prints. Other than that the printing is excellent.

It is possible to customise (per language) the print fonts of xprint,
using a .css file. Explanation here:


Drew, you said in your message that you have no problem generating the
pdf. How about the ps? Don't you have the problem of "huge text shown by
ps viewer"?

Regards, Jan

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