[Xprint] Use xprint as main network printer spooler

R. Armiento reply-mozdev-05 at armiento.net
Sun Feb 6 13:08:12 EST 2005


I will soon have to rework our network printer setup; and I started 
playing with the idea of using xprint as the main network printer 
spooler system, rather than a BSD-like system or CUPS. I have done some 
Googling etc. to research this, but I still need some helful pointers.

The idea is: I setup one network server with an Xprt daemon. The Xprt 
daemon spools its jobs through some local spooling system. The clients 
(mostly Linux computers) are all setup with XPSERVERLIST poiting towards 
this server.

The problems I have is:
1) "Legacy" printing support for all the applications which want to 
spool postscript through lp/lpr or similar. Is there an lpr replacement 
that prints postscript through a remote Xprt server? If not, would it be 
straightforward to write such an application by using ghostscript to 
render the graphics on the Xprt server? Also, I suppose it could be even 
simpler than that, depending on the real answer to the yet unanswared 
FAQ question: "Can I pass my own PostScript code (fragment) to the print 
spooler instead of letting Xprt's PostScript DDX generate it?" ...

2) Printer queue status; does xprint support reporting this? If it does: 
is there some command line tool that can extract queue information 
(i.e., like 'lpq')? Or is there even a graphical tool available for Linux?

Any help is much apprechiated,

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