[Xprint] Re: Bug#317149: Please change output directory back to $HOME/cups-pdf/

Martin-Eric Racine q-funk at iki.fi
Wed Jul 6 19:23:45 EDT 2005

[CC to ubuntu-users and xprint maintainer towards a common solution]

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Paul Hampson wrote:

> Package: cups-pdf
> Version: 1.7.1-1
> Severity: wishlist
> I'd just like to say I think the old default of $HOME/cups-pdf/ is
> better than $HOME/ because it means the output goes somewhere expected
> and _isolated_ from your other files. This is especially helpful when
> Windows is sending printjobs through with all kinds of unexpected
> filenames, and it's therefore much more unlikely to accidentally
> overwrite an unrelated file.
> (To be fair, I haven't checked if cups-pdf clobbers existing files)
> I don't understand what advantage this change brings, apart from the
> fact that Ubuntu suggested it?

The advantage is that documents get sent straight to a familiar folder, 
instead of a fuzzy-named cups-pdf; users won't necessarily associate the 
name of the back-end with the ability to print documents out or to the 
similarily-named subdirectory sitting in their home-directory.

In fairness, I think that CUPS-PDF and Xprint (or any PDF backend) should 
output to a common directory, which could be e.g. ~/Printouts or something 
similar. Then again, this would require teaching users where to find the 
PDF documentss which, by definition, is a bad idea; anything that is not 
self-evident from a layman user's point of view is simply not acceptable.

I'm hereby CC'ing the Ubuntu list and the Xprint maintainer for further 
input towards finding a common solution that will satisfy everyone. The 
CUPS-PDF upstream author is subscribed to this package's tracker and is 
welcome to comment as well.

For reference, I would like to bring up the following Wiki page:
See the Graphics section of that page for the relevant discussion.

Martin-Eric Racine

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