We initially release builds on the Linux x86 platform; Solaris, HP-UX and AIX ship with Xprint's server side by default, so you do not need to download or build your own Xprint server on these platforms. If the build you're looking for isn't here yet, DON'T PANIC.

  • Build Xprint yourself and donate the build to us. We'll put it on the download site for others to download. Read our source code docs for info how to build Xprint for your platform and email me if you want to contrbute on how to do this.

Xprint 0.9.001 - Released July 11, 2004

Xprint 0.9 - Released March 28, 2004

Xprint 0.8 - Released May 12, 2003

Xprint 0.7 - Released December 4, 2002

  • Downloads
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  • Release notes:
    • This release does not support TrueType fonts. TrueType font support is new in 008 - see the "download" or "source" pages how to get 008 trunk builds.
    • You can use Xprint even without a printer:
      Edit /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xserver/C/print/Xprinters and append the following lines to enable the preconfigured sample printer for the "PSspooldir" printer model (jobs for "PSspooldir"-based printers will be send to the /tmp/Xprintjobs/ directory):
      # Disable automatic lookup of printers
      Augment_Printer_List %none%
      # Enable preconfigured PSspooldir sample printer
      Printer spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs

  • Mozilla-specific notes:
    • Mozilla's Xprint module has it's own project pages at
    • Mozilla does not need to be updated if you want to use a newer version of Xprint's server side (Mozilla's Xprint module is the client side of Xprint while these downloads contain the server side). Mozilla release 0.9.9 is sufficient to print using Xprint (Mozilla >= 1.0.1 (or Netscape >= 7) is recommended).
    • MathML support: Place (or link) the MathML Type1 fonts directory under /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts and restart the Xprint server(s) (using /etc/init.d/xprint restart).
      Note that newer Mozilla build (Mozilla 1.0.1 and Netscape 7 are not affected) may have layout problems with printing MathML (see bug 155122).
    • Mozilla's Xprint module is explicitly disabled in RedHat RPM builds (see bug 133534).